Pricing Information

All hosting plans provide all available features, including unlimited domains, subdomains, mailboxes, and databases. Only the disk space they consume and the amount of data they transfer are considered for billing purposes.

Hosting Plan Data Transfer Data Storage Price
Basic Web Hosting 10GB / month 512MB $8 / month
Standard Web Hosting 15GB / month 1GB $10 / month
Business Web Hosting 32GB / month 2GB $20 / month
Professional Web Hosting 72GB / month 10GB $40 / month

If your website uses SSL for secure connections, you'll need a dedicated IP address for each SSL-enabled website you host in your account. Contact support for assistance in setting up SSL for your site.

Additional Services
Dedicated IP / SSL $5 / month per each additional IP address

If your account's disk space or bandwidth usage exceeds the amount allocated in your plan, you can either upgrade to another plan or pay the following overage fees:

Overage Fees
Data Storage $5 / month per gigabyte above plan limit
Data Transfer $5 / month per gigabyte above plan limit
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Pricing does not include domain name registration. To register a domain name, please use an ICANN-accredited registrar, such as Dotster,, or Network Solutions.
SSL pricing does not include certificate purchase. SSL certificates can be purchased at Verisign, Thawte, or FreeSSL.