python-unipath 0.2.1

Alternative to Python modules os, os.path and shutil

Unipath is a package for doing pathname calculations and filesystem
access in an object-oriented manner, an alternative to functions in
os.path, shutil and glob, and even some functions in os.* It's based
on Jason Orendorff's but does not adhere as strictly to the
underlying functions' syntax, in order to provide more user
convenience and higher-level functionality. For example:

o p.mkdir() succeeds silently if the directory already exists, and
o p.mkdir(True) creates intermediate directories a la os.makedirs.
o p.rmtree(parents=True) combines shutil.rmtree, os.path.isdir,
os.remove, and os.removedirs, to recursively remove whatever it is
if it exists.
o p.read_file("rb") returns the file's contents in binary mode.
o p.needs_update([other_path1, ...]) returns True if p doesn't exist
or has an older timestamp than any of the others.
o extra convenience functions in the module. dict2dir
creates a directory hierarchy described by a dict. dump_path displays
an ASCII tree of a directory hierarchy.